Are You Sisters?


I am so excited that my daughter will be flying in from Colorado for a quick visit next weekend. We call them “hit and runs.” Two years ago we spent eight days at the Ritz Carlton in Jamaica, just the two of us. I thought it would be great to spend some one on one time away from both of our home fronts. Allowing for none of the everyday interruptions. It was a dream vacation with a good mix of exploration and relaxation.  

I started a scrapbook for her shortly after our return. It has sat by the wayside since I took my first card making class last April! I have been busy this past week plugging away on completing her scrapbook for her upcoming visit. I have always loved to scrapbook, but love that I can incorporate all my new card making techniques to the mix! The first night we sat down to dinner, the hostess that seated us asked us if we were sisters…

Jamaica Shenannigans  

Jamaica Shenannigans  

It happened a few times over the week and in this picture it truly does look like we are! So, this week my card making has taken a back seat for a good cause! Will be making the PPA sketch card to post before Monday. See you then!

Posted on October 19, 2013 .