PPA176 Deb Rock


I attended a four-day scrapbooking event this April in Jackson, NH. I met a lovely group of women who have made this event an annual get together. One of them was Deb Rock. She watched me make cards and was interested in giving it a try. I could not find anyone local to her that offered classes so she drove over an hour and a half to be my very first class customer this past June. Yesterday’s class was her fourth trip down! At each class everyone leaves anxious to go home and create his or her own cards. I love that I inspire that in them!

Deb's 1st Challenge Card

Deb's 1st Challenge Card

Deb has shown an interest in trying the PPA challenges and after yesterday’s card class and her long drive home she made this card. I awoke this morning to find it in my email and had just a quick minute to get this posted and her entered into the challenge before I left for work. To see the other entries from this challenge click here.

If anyone would like to leave a comment for Deb, I will be thrilled to share it with her.

Posted on October 21, 2013 .