Home Sweet Home

I remember when I first started making cards a couple of years ago. I would sit down to make a card and stare at the paper wondering "okay, what's next?" Then I would troll the internet for inspiration and attempt to make something that didn't look like my daughter brought it home from kindergarten. 

Then I got to the point where I was proud of what I made...until I took a picture and posted it and then every little imperfection seemed to jump off the page at me! Now I make the card and accept that I have come a long way and still have a ton to learn. I make a card, make the same card again with some minor tweaks, a color change or two and get a "YES" feeling ~ every once in awhile I get a card that says "YES" on the first attempt.

I had someone purchase cards at a craft fair I participated in a couple of weeks ago. She asked if I could make a card for her son who had recently purchased a home.  I agreed, knowing that in all the stamps I own I was pretty sure I didn't own anything with which to make the card. Not that I need a reason to add to my stamp collection! 

2014-12-17 11.38.09.jpg

The fun part about the card is that the starburst die I used to frame the house looks very wreathlike...how perfect for a December card. A Happy Coincidence that made me happy too! A "YES" on the first try...

Posted on December 21, 2014 .